The Parent Management Committee

The Committee is a team of parents, elected by other parents, who manage the running of our Pre-School. We work as unpaid volunteers. Each member of the committee brings a unique set of skills from their different careers, and a wealth of parenting experience. Between us we have 16 children, 8 of whom currently attend Pre-School, so you're bound to bump into us at Drop Off and Pick Up! Or you can catch several committee members who have younger babies at Sheringtots every Thursday morning. Contact us for more info!

A Little bit about Anna - Chair

Anna has been Chair of Committee since October 2016. She joined the Committee in October 2015 and previously held the position of Secretary.

Anna’s son Nathan previously attended pre-school, and her daughter Olivia currently attends. Anna brings us a wealth of experience in Business Management, Finance and HR, from her career as Commercial and Customer Services Manager, and Board Director.

Anna says; “I like the insight that I get into how the EYFS works and benefits my children. I also enjoy the sense of achievement from seeing the new outside playground installation through, from planning and fundraising to its completion in Spring 2017. I’m looking forward to putting the Pre-School in a great position for the Committee in the future."

A Little bit about Amy - Secretary

Mum of three Amy joined the committee in 2013 when her eldest Ralph had just joined Pre-School. Baxter started in 2015 and Dotty will join our 2018 intake.

Amy began her career as a footwear designer, then store visual design for Debenhams, and later moved into the role of Selling Support Manager, which focused on auditing and compliance. Amy uses her creativity and compliance skills to enhance pre-school. She has a strong focus on Health and Safety and is dedicated to ensuring we meet all requirements on an ongoing basis.

Amy says; “We are always striving to give our children the absolute best start to learning. I'm excited to see us continue to move forward; from a Play Group established in 1972 to an up-and-coming childcare competitor in the local area, with loads of exciting technology being brought to the parents and the children.”

A little bit about Sarah - Treasurer

Since 2013 Sarah has played a crucial role in the running of our Pre-School. Being a qualified accountant makes Sarah an ideal Treasurer, but she has contributed so much more over her 5+ years on committee than just managing Pre-School’s finances. Sarah brings the upmost professionalism to every task, and was instrumental in supporting Anna with the playground renovation project. Both of Sarah’s sons have attended Pre-School, and loved it!

Sarah says; ”My favourite thing about being on the committee is being involved in my children's pre-school, and being able to help make a difference.”

A Little bit about Amy - PR & Website

Amy first got involved at Pre-School when she volunteered to play the piano at our 2016 Nativity performance. She then joined the committee in the Spring term of 2017. Amy project managed the design and build of this website, and is responsible for content management. She also helps coordinate our PR and Social media campaigns, and writes our monthly newsletter for SCAN magazine.

Amy's son Sebastian currently attends Pre-School. Before leaving employment to focus on parenting, Amy worked as PR and Communications Manager in luxury retail and hospitality.

Amy says; “Getting involved with pre-school has made me and Seb feel more connected with the other mums and children in the village community. Designing a whole website is something I never thought I could do! I feel very proud to be part of this committee.”

A little bit about Charlotte - Committee

Charlotte began volunteering with the Committee in May 2017, and has been a vital extra pair of hands at our craft evenings and fundraising events. Charlotte’s son Lewis hasn’t started Pre-School yet, but he enjoys attending the open days and playing with the children in session.

For more than 10 years Charlotte has been Head of Music at a school in Milton Keynes, and also teaches KS2 and KS3 R.E. Charlotte’s knowledge about policies and procedures regarding schools makes her a valuable asset to our committee.

Charlotte says; “I have met some wonderful ladies who have made me feel incredibly welcome. Everyone gets involved and contributes ideas to make Sherington Pre-School a continued success. I look forward to Lewis being part of it in the future!”

A little bit about Susie - Committee

Susie was officially voted onto the committee at our AGM in October 2017, but has been involved in pre-school life since her son Freddy first joined.

Susie’s profession is Occupational Therapy - specifically, helping the rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury. Susie’s work is largely based at the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville hospital, but she also has a private OT business.

Susie says; ”I joined the pre-school committee to give something back to the team that have shown such support and care to us during our time at Sherington. It’s a dynamic and dedicated committee that help run this wonderful pre-school, and I’d like to share my ideas, creativity, problem solving and enthusiasm. And to join in the socials!”

A little bit about Polly - Committee

Polly was introduced to the preschool in 2017 when her eldest daughter, Una, started attending. Una’s baby sister Myla is already on the pre-school waiting list for 2020! 

Polly has fifteen years experience working with children and young people in education, care and therapeutic settings. She is a qualified teacher and an accredited child and adolescent psychotherapist. Polly has a keen interest in child development and the benefits of play, so we were thrilled to welcome her onto the committee in 2018.

Polly says; “I knew it going very well when Una began clamouring for more sessions and was desperate to start going to Lunch Club! This is a very special pre-school which children and staff love to be part of, and parents want to get involved.”

A little bit about Sarah Hobbs - Committee

Before going on maternity leave with her eldest child Johnny, Sarah spent 11 years working with children from 6 weeks to five years old. In addition to her Level 3 qualification in Childcare, Sarah is a qualified Team Leader in a childcare setting.

With 5 years experience in the management team at another Early Years Setting, the committee were very excited to have Sarah join us in 2018 to help manage our pre-school over the next academic year, and beyond.

Sarah says; “My daughter has been coming to Sherington pre-school since September 2017, and having seen the amazing work everyone does I really wanted to contribute. Everyone has been very welcoming and I love having that extra insight into what is happening within the pre-school.”

A little bit about Liz - Committee

Experienced Nanny Liz has worked for a number of families, and gone through the Pre-School stage several times with the children she looked after. She is now enjoying it with her own son Dexter, and has already signed baby Iris up for September 2020.

Liz and Iris are regulars at Sheringtots , friends of Sherington Pre-School, a group designed to bring together Parents and under-2s before they start Pre-School.

Liz says; “Having previously been involved with other Pre-School and School committees, I have some idea on how everything works and what a benefit it is to be involved. I also volunteered because I wanted to get to know the other mums.”

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